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          Jwell people from the first day of the New Year's work to chase dreams in 2019


          At 7:58 on February 12, 2019, Jwell Machinery starts first day of working after the New Year. New Year has a new beginning. We gather together to speak blueprints, draw up a new year plan and start a new journey... All Jwell people are gearing up and plan to do something in the new year.

           Preempt the opportunity to prepare for a new round of production

          On the first day of working, when you walked into the workshops of various professional companies, some  workers who wearing neat working clothes were assembling machines, some were repairing equipment, some were testing equipment... Everyone was busy preparing for the new years production. Everyone hopes to quickly come out of the festive atmosphere and immersing themselves in intense production. They hope that in this new year, they will seize the opportunity.

          A year's plan starts in spring, a lifetime with diligence. Happiness is produced by struggling. In 2019, we are all the dreamer!Let us start from the first day of working, running dream.


          2019 JWELL Catalog