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          Happy New Year,Safe travelling!


          Going home is a long way, we should be careful. Return home with a beautiful mind, we must not be careless and increase trouble in the way. Pay attention to the following points, then you will also be safe at your home way.

          Safety warnings

          01 Security of the office

          Before leaving the office and dormitory, please lock important documents, materials and bills. Properly keep valuable goods and turn off electrical appliances.(Computer, printer, water dispenser, electric heater, air conditioner), etc. Unplug the power socket, put out fireworks and other sources of fire, and we should strictly prevent fire.

          During the holiday, the staff on duty in each position must adhere to their posts, perform their duties and ensure the safety of property. When emergency event occurs, they should report it in time and properly handle it according to the regulations. The responsible person should frequently check the environment on the phone.


          02 Traffic safety

          If you take long-distance bus, high-speed rail or plane, you must pay attention to your bus time and number, so that you will not to miss the bus, or be late. What’s more, pay attention to personal and property safety.

          If you drive home, you should check the safety of important parts of the vehicle before the trip, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.Take full use of the Internet and map software, pay close attention to the weather, road conditions and other Sinformation,and adjust the schedule in time.During the way of traveling, strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations,no speeding and fatigue driving, and prevent drunk driving.

          03 Personal and property safety

          Don't carry a lot of cash with you,take good care of your finances and important documents in crowded areas, and keep your backpack on your chest where you can see it.

          Separate the valid ID and bank card, and take care of your wallet, mobile phone and other belongings.

          Try to park your car in a car park that is supervised or monitored. When leaving the vehicle, check that the doors and windows are closed, locked, and valuables to follow.

          04 Travel fraud prevention

          Prevent phone fraud, don't trust strangers, increase vigilance, keep your mobile phone unblocked, and call for help in critical situations. Beware of fraudulent SMS messages. Be sure to confirm the relevant information before making relevant decisions.

          Don't tell the truth to strangers; don't take a black car on the way; see others don't pay for it; receive calls and information from friends or classmates, do not make phone calls, don't send money easily.

          Finally, wish everyone has a safe, happy, warm Spring Festival!

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