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          New journey, new leap---2019 Jwell machinery (Shanghai factory) Chinese New Year commendation conference has come to a successful conclusion


          Happy New Year!

          Jwell people meet new challenges

          New opportunities for new brilliant

          Time goes by so quietly that we need a ritual to say goodbye to the past and welcome a New Year! On February 12, 2019, Jwell people ushered in the annual New Year commendation meeting. Mr. And Mrs. He, shareholders of Jwell company, came to Shanghai for a long journey. Mr. Chen Jianlong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jwell company, and Mr. Zhang Zhunsheng, deputy director of quality inspection department of Suzhou Jwell company, made a special trip to Zhoushan factory to celebrate the 2019 Chinese New Year commendation conference with all employees.This is a night of gathering and family gathering! Everyone hand in hand together to create brilliance!

          The commendation conference invited the families of some outstanding employees to attend. We would like to express our gratitude to the family for their silent efforts and support,at the same time, we will witness the moment when our excellent children and lovers get the honor in Jwell company through hard work.

          The awards ceremony

          In the past year, they have been working on the production line to provide customers with high-quality equipment, or deeply hid merit and reputation, and quietly engaged in the operation, management and other work for the company's development in the background.They deserved the accolades both on or off the stage.Today, every outstanding employee walked on the dazzling red carpet stage in a heroic manner. At this moment, they are the focus of the audience.

          Outstanding representatives and guest made speeches

          The wonderful speeches of excellent representatives and guests , won the scene bursts of warm applause. It inspired Jwell people to climb the peak with the heroic passion.In conclusion, we have gained growth and achievements in 2018.It says that where there is a will there is a way,In 2019, Jwell people will work together to create a great age belonging to us!

          In 2018,

          We stand together through storm and stress

          Struggle together

          Stepping out of many frustrations

          In 2019,

          We go forward hand in hand

          Fight together

          Will create many miracles


          General manager made a speech


          Looking back on this year, we have encountered many big or small challenges, although the process is very difficult, we work together to overcome. In this year, we have gained honor, progress and growth. Meanwhile, there are some risks in our market that we cannot control. For this we require: we should use the professional attitude and negotiate to customers for each contract. The factory should take every order seriously, deal with every production well and deliver them on time.Technology should be improved the design of operation convenience from the perspective of customers. Quality inspection should be ensured. We should take the initiative to work and pay.

          In new year, we believe that each person in Jwell is adhering to the enterprise spirit of "to be persistent and innovative, to achieve an excellent and perfect Jwell". In 2019, we will create more brilliance! 


                         Dinner hitting

          Toast together 

           The Chinese New Year commendation conference is the successful conclusion of last year's work of Jwell company. It is the common Spring Festival of all Jwell people. It is a sense of ritual accompanied by the glory of the past and the prospect of the future.


          In the end, whether  you are full of gains or not in 2018, it has been over.What we can do is to get a better grip on today and not let today become a new regret.In 2019, together with Jwell machinery, we still continue to fight!We are all dreamers!

          2019 JWELL Catalog