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          Rollers Series | Industrial Roller

          Industrial Roller

          • Packing and transportation  Inspect the qualify machines to be well packed
            Designated transportation company for safely   transportation
          • Mechanical processing
            Design according to the application requirements
            45# steel, 38CrMoAlA,42CrMo,60CrMoV materials are available
            as options for different components

          Roller surface treatment
          Quenching with Subsequent tempering, ensures the den-sity of the structure
          Outer surface deeply quenched, the hardness can reach
          HRC 50~55
          Surface electrolyze hard chromed, the hardness can reach HRC 58~65

          Surface treatment
          Mirror roller, super mirror roller grinding and polishing pro- cessing We can process different kinds of roller surfaces, such as leather veins, matt, mist, frosting, net veins. And we can The surface is sprayed by Teflon, different kinds of rubber rollers.
          2019 JWELL Catalog